Sunday, 31 March 2013

Kingyo Izakaya, what a waste of my time!

Last month, we visited Kingyo Izakaya which recently opened up in Cabbage Town.  When we were in Vancouver last October, Sato san from Octopus Garden had recommended that we give Kingyo a try when they open up in Toronto, but boy were we disappointed!
First of all, we waited nearly an hour for a table.  Even those with reservations were kept waiting when clearly tables were available, but the hostess just wouldn't seat us.
Then, after we got a seat, our food took over an hour to come.  We actually had to complain to the waitress before they brought us our food.  The prices were definitely high for the quality and quantity of food that you are getting.  We also had bones in our sashimi!  Bones!  What a waste of our time and such a disappointing meal.  Never again will we set foot in Kingyo.

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