Sunday, 22 April 2012

Glimpses of Winnipeg - March - April 2012

I have been working in Winnipeg for almost two months now, and I just wanted to share little bits of what I've seen so far in the city of Winnipeg.  The first night that I was there, we were invited to a Jets game at the MTS Centre.  This was my first time at a hockey game and the atmosphere was quite amazing.  Even though I don't normally watch hockey, it was quite an experience to watch a live game from a box.

The Forks is a famous place to gather in Winnipeg.  There's a small market and some small shops inside.  Similar to the St. Lawrence market, but a much smaller version.  This is right by where we work so we walk over for lunch every once in a while and get a view of the river.

Based on a recommendation from a colleague, we found a nice cozy restaurant called Segovia which serves up some wonderful tapas.  The restaurant is inside a house.  The dining area is quite small and they don't take reservations, so you probably want to limit your party to a small number.
My colleague and I over-ordered a bit.  We had five tapas in total.  First was a biscuit with prosciutto. 
 The a skewer of octopus and chorizo.
 Then we had the duck breast with hummus.  This was my favourite dish.
 We had a kabob of goat.
 And a beef tartar that we had to mix ourselves.
We finished off with a dessert of chocolate torte and ice-cream.  We were so stuffed!

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Buttery Treats at Butter Avenue

A couple of weeks ago, we dropped by the Yonge and York Mills area and decided to go into Butter Avenue because it was recommended by a friend of ours.  We tasted the chocolate croissant and a bunch of macarons, along with some of their teas.  The croissant was buttery soft with many fluffy layers.  Reminded me of the croissants I would get when I was in Montreal.
There were a large variety of macaron flavours.  I thought the flavours were quite nice but the meringue was a little more chewy than I would have liked.
Their cakes looked pretty amazing, but the prices were a little too high ($7.25 for a small slither!), so we didn't try any of them.
Overall, this place would've been great to come to if it was located a bit closer to the subway line.  It is right smack in the middle of York Mills and Lawrence on Yonge and closer to the Loblaws, so not a lot of shops around there.  I think most people would stay along the area where the rest of the shops are located closer to Lawrence.

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