Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Seafood Overload at Fishermen Clubhouse Restaurant

This restaurant was recommended by two of 2hung's friends to be a great place for seafood.  Fishermen Clubhouse Restaurant is located in the friendly neighborhood of Scarborough in a tiny little plaza close to Steeles and Brimley.  Don't expect to find parking at this place, but there is always street parking along the residential side streets.  We ordered one of the lobster meals for 5 which consisted of two 2.5lb lobsters done three ways as well as a bunch of other dishes.  With an extra $10, we could've traded the two regular size lobsters for two extra large size lobsters, but since the waitress didn't tell us about this, we were stuck with the 2.5 pounders, which was fine with me anyway since smaller lobsters probably taste better than the extra large ones.

First it was lobster claws and other non-tail parts cooked in Maggi sauce.
 Next was lobster tails steamed in garlic.
 Third was lobster tomalley cooked in steamed eggs (high-cholesterol alert!!).
I was not very impressed with the steamed oysters though.  The oysters were huge but mine was a little fishy...
Finally, the meal also came with a stir fried pork dish and some veggie dish.

With how crowded this restaurant was and seeing the dishes that other people were having, I had high expectations for a great seafood meal from this restaurant.  The meal was just OK to me.  It wasn't really worth the price of $40 a head.  I'd rather go somewhere else for that kind of price at a Chinese restaurant.

Big A$$ Dumplings at Myungdong Kalkuksu Noodles and Shabu Shabu

The other night I went have Korean food with some girl friends at Myungdong Kalkuksu Noodles and Shabu Shabu which is located on Bayview Ave. just south of the 407.  The difference between this Korean restaurants and the typical ones near Yonge & Finch or K-Town is that they don't serve pork bone soup or bibimbap.  They serve these big a$$ dumplings and shabu shabu (hot pot) and the food was quite good.  The shabu shabu costs about $14.99 per person and if you want to order just dumplings and noodles it is $8.99.  I was quite satisfied with the food and would go back again, but next time I think I will be happy with just noodles and dumplings.

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Monday, 8 August 2011

Ju Izakaya in J-Town

We were looking for a light dinner and decided to give Ju Izakaya's tapas-style dishes a try since we were in the Woodbine & Steeles area.  They use Japanese Bincho-tan charcoal to grill their yakitori.  We tried the tsukune (chicken meat balls) and ton toro (pork cheeks).  I enjoyed the texture and flavour of the pork cheeks.  The chicken meat balls were a little on the dry side if not for the terriyaki sauce.

 We also tried the ikura and salmon sashimi on rice.  I find it really strange that they put it on top of hot rice instead of sushi rice...
 The gindara (grilled black cod) was very tasty but it was a tiny piece for $12!

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Trattoria Nervosa - Affordable yet delicious fare on Yorkville

I never really noticed this little restaurant called Trattoria Nervosa at the corner of Bellair St. and Yorkville Ave. before even though I've passed by there so many times.  Probably because I always get distracted by the Ferraris and Lamborghinis parked outside of Sassafras.  This restaurant turned out to be quite the gem.  The food was quite delicious and the prices were definitely affordable for Yorkville standards.  We started with the Insalata di Polpo - grilled octopus on arugula salad.

 The Tagliatelle ai Funghi was very flavourful.
 The Spaghetti Carbonara tasted just right with the coagulated egg, pancetta and parmesan.  I don't like how some places make this dish too creamy.

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