Sunday, 31 August 2014

Maritime Meal with Great Friends at Hopgood's Foodliner

Last night, we met up with a couple of friends for a nice dinner in the Roncesvalles area.  We made reservations at Hopgood's Foodliner, which is a maritime inspired restaurant.  We ordered a whole bunch of dishes to share, and everything was very tasty.  They also have a great selection of cocktails, although they are not cheap!

We started off with some steamers.  These were actually a little big gritty which the staff warned us about.
Then, we had the crispy pig ears and green beans salad.  I really liked this salad.  The beans were nice and thin and didn't have that nasty raw taste.
We also got the lobster spaghetti which tasted like a lobster mac and cheese.  Plenty of lobster in there.
The fried cauliflower and clams was very good too.  This was slightly on the spicy side and we found these clams to be better than the one in the steamers dish.
I really liked the brioche bread they used for the lobster sammy.  It was crispy, sweet and buttery.
The Halifax donairs were great too and went well with the sweet sauce.
I think the only thing to pay attention to is that the waiter will always try to up-sell you.  We actually ordered less dishes than was recommended, but we left the restaurant feeling very full.  Despite this, the service was quick and friendly.
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Friday, 25 July 2014

Short Trip to Victoria, BC, 2014

In the beginning of June, my mom came over to visit me in Vancouver, so I thought it would be nice to take a short trip and ride the ferry over to Victoria.  Victoria really is a very small city.  We arrived around supper time, and checked into the Fairmont Empress Hotel.

Pigging out in Vancouver - Part 2

After spending five months in Vancouver, I had a lot of time to try out a ton of awesome restaurants.  Here are the noteworthy:

Homer Street Cafe and Bar
I went to this relatively new restaurant a couple of times because it was located in Yaletown, walking distance from the hotel I stayed at.  They specialize in rotisserie chicken and other rotisserie meats.  I also ordered fish dishes from here when I wanted a healthier options and the meals were always enjoyable.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Victoria Day Weekend 2014 in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of those cities that we don't mid visiting every couple of years.  With Napa just an hour away and lots of great places to eat, what's there not to like?  2hung has a few friends that have recently moved out to San Francisco, so we took this opportunity to visit them along the way.

We started off the weekend with a nice breakfast at Craftsman and Wolves.  This is a beautiful cafe with delicious pastries in the Mission District.  They make a savoury muffin called the Rebel Within which contains a soft boiled egg in the centre.  It costs $7 but worth every penny.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Anniversary Dinner 2014 at The Chase

May 11, 2014 marked the first anniversary of our wedding, but seeing as it was Mother's Day, we decided to celebrate one day early with dinner at The Chase.  We dined in the upstairs restaurant and enjoyed some fresh oysters, the Artic char and the sea bream.  We ordered a side of fiddleheads but when the side arrived, there were no fiddleheads in sight.  We notified our waiter and he brought us a new side on the house.  Our waiter knew it was our anniversary, so he gave us a little surprise in our dessert which was a lime curd cake.  The dessert also ended up being on the house, so needless to say, we were very happy with the service we received at The Chase.  The restaurant had great ambiance and the food was very tasty.  I would definitely return to The Chase, but I'd like to try out the downstairs which is more of a casual setting.

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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Pigging out in Vancouver - Part 1

Ever since I started my project in Vancouver in February, I've definitely been pigging out and eating a lot of good food.  Here are some of my new finds and an old place revisited.

Ramen Jinya
I was trying to find a ramen place that was a closer walk from my downtown hotel, but most of them are situated on the West End except this one which is located in Yaletown on the other end of Robson St.  Still about a 15min walk from my hotel but slightly closer than the other choices.  I had the tonkotsu ramen with black garlic oil and the gyozas.  The soup was very tasty and I liked their noodles.  The gyozas were good too.  I go there often.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Snowboarding in Whistler 2014

In late March, 2hung, my brother and I made a trip to Whistler for some snowboarding fun before the season was over.  This was our first time in Whistler and the mountains were awesome!  The peak 2 peak gondola was so high and so scenic.  I'm not good at snowboarding at all.  Originally, I was going to snowboard for two days, but it ended up that one day was quite enough for me.  Here are some fun pictures that we took on and off the mountains.