Saturday, 28 March 2015

My Recent Food Discoveries - Winter Edition

Ok, maybe not so recent because I haven't written a post in so long, but here are some new places I've been to that I really enjoyed.

Bar Buca
We really enjoyed our meal at Bar Buca and it would be a great hangout place after work had it been closer to the Financial District.  They server tapas or bar-style food and the prices are quite reasonable, so you could order a bunch of dishes and some drinks, and it would be quite filling.  I really liked the fried smelts.

Buca Yorkville
We had dinner at Buca Yorkville with Henrick for my birthday a couple of months back.  It is on the pricier side, but I thought the food was excellent.  They carved an entire branzino for us table side and it was served raw with prosecco, lemon and some rock salt.  The house-cured octopus salami and smoked eel were interesting as well.  All the other dishes were great too.

Langdon Hall
We ventured out to Cambridge, ON over the Christmas break to try the tasting menu at Langdon Hall because I had been seeing some really nice photos of food made by Chef Jason Bangerter.  From looking at the menu, it seemed like I would really enjoy all the items because they had ingredients that I really like.  The presentation was top-notch, but I thought the dishes were just ok.  The one I enjoyed the most was the truffle soup served cappuccino-style.  I would have to think twice about the drive out if we ever had to come to this restaurant again.

Levetto a wonderful little Italian restaurant that my friends Ellen and Chris recommended and we first had take-out from there when we were visiting.  It's kind of a self-serve, take-out type place, but you can order your food and sit down to eat it if you'd like as well.  They have really good pasta, always al dente.  The braised beef rigatoni is excellent.  The portions are big too.  I would like to try their salads and pizza next time.

Emma's Country Kitchen
I found out about Emma's Country Kitchen from the show You Gotta Eat Here.  We went there on a Sunday afternoon, probably not the best time to go because the wait was over an hour!  We thought about going somewhere else, but ended up waiting it out.  Their donuts had sold out early in the morning, so definitely go early.  By the time we got seated it was their last service before closing.  Their brunch is quite nice and worth the wait, but next time I would be prepared to go there early.

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