Sunday, 29 January 2012

Birthday weekend celebrations 2012

This year, I had a great time sharing my birthday with dear friends and loved ones.  First, we kicked off the weekend with some good old Shanghainese food at one of my favourite Shanghainese restaurants in Markham, A La Kitchen, and then we continued the night chilling at the condo playing PS3 and Monopoly Deal.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Getting my breakfast pastries from Le Matin

We were visiting Leslieville again this weekend and stopped by Le Matin Bakery for some yummy pastries and bread.  This is actually our second time to the bakery because the first time when we came, they had run out of croissants and bread, so we settled for a raspberry clafouti instead.  Since the clafouti was pretty good, we came back for seconds!  This time we got a croissant, chocolate croissant and a loaf of sour dough.  The bread had just come out of the oven so it was still warm.  The croissants were not bad, but I still think I prefer the croissants from Montreal.  The sour dough was quite delicious even on its own after it got cold.  We only ate half of it, and as per the store keeper, I've frozen the other half to be eaten later.  I wonder if it will still taste as good after it's been frozen and reheated in the oven.  Will let you know when I eat the other half...

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Bobbette & Belle - A Jewel in Leslieville

Since I don't normally venture into Leslieville, I had no idea that there were so many beautiful little pastry shops and cafes in the area.   Bobbette & Belle must be one of the finest ones on Queen St. E.  Their store front is so nicely decorated with antique furniture and of course they have the high-quality pastries to go with the decor.  We tried their scone and macarons while we were there and got some cupcakes to go for our friends.  Especially since I've just started wedding planning, I'm starting to look at wedding cakes, but I think their cakes might be a little too pricey for our budget.  Everything in the store is so beautiful and girly.  If you are like myself and don't have the budget for their wedding cakes and macarons as favours, at least you can still try them out at the store.

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