Thursday, 26 December 2013

My Three New Restaurant Finds - Khao San Road, The Grove and Patria

I recently discovered three nice restaurants that are worth mentioning here on my blog.

First is Khao San Road, which is a  fusion Thai restaurant located in the Entertainment District.  They don't take reservations, but turnaround is pretty fast.  We ordered the squash fritters, Penang curry with beef, Bangkok-style pad thai and khao soi (egg noodles in a curry soup).  Everything was very good, but the dishes are small, so you need to order pretty much one dish per person plus appies.

Exploring the US Capital - Weekend in Washington DC

I finally found myself some time to write a blog post today.  Ever since we returned from our honeymoon, I've been busy studying for the PMP exam.  Luckily that's all over and I passed, so I'm now officially PMP certified!

2hung and I went on a trip to Washington DC back in September literally the weekend before the government shutdown, so we were able to visit the many Smithsonian museums and enjoy the city.  DC was a pretty fun weekend visit for us.  There were lots of places to see and lots of great restaurants.  The weather was quite nice so at first we set out on foot and thought we could just walk or take the transit everywhere, but soon we realized that the city was way too big and even getting from museum to museum was quite tiring, so we made use of their bike rental system called Capital Bikeshare.  It was quite convenient and wasn't very expensive.