Saturday, 8 October 2011

Great Steaks with Great Friends

2hung was able to get a pretty good deal on some gift cards from Ruth's Chris Steak House, so we decided to share the evening out with some friends.  Ruth's Chris is known for serving their steaks on a 500 degree sizzling plate.  I remember the first time that I visited the Mississauga restaurant, I wasn't too impressed with their steaks.  I found that this time at the Richmond Steet location, I enjoyed my petit filet (8oz mind you is not petit at all!) more than my previous visit many years ago.  Look at the boys with their huge steaks!

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Fabbrica & McEwan

I have been wanting to try Fabbrica inside the Shops at Don Mills for a while now.  This Mark McEwan restaurant has gotten quite a bit of mixed reviews so it hasn't really been a first priority for me to go there, but I finally got a chance on Friday night.  I must say that the service wasn't quite on the ball at this restaurant, but the look and feel and the food was all there.  We ordered a linguine with shrimp and clams in a white wine sauce, as well as the risotto with sweet peas and cured foie gras.  The linguine dish had fresh pasta cooked al dente with pretty fresh ingredients.  The risotto I had expected to see a bit more foie gras but it was pretty hard for us to find a few tiny specks of foie gras.  Instead there was plenty of pancetta, which is not a bad thing.  I don't complain about pancetta.  Even though there were only a few bits of foie gras, you can still taste the essence of the foie gras infused in the dish.

Across the street from Fabbrica is the fine food store McEwan, similar concept to Pusateri's.  I love looking through high-end supermarkets, although the food could often cost you an arm and a leg.  I was glad to be able to find the Niagara Gold cheese here which I had taken a liking to ever since we tried it at George Restaurant.  The cheese has a pungent smell and strong taste, so I find that it goes great with a sweet apricot spread on crackers.
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Friday Lunch at Kenzo

Believe it or not, Friday was actually my first time eating at Kenzo Japanese Noodle House.  I know that this place is actually Korean owned so I've always been skeptical about its authenticity (yes, I am a ramen snob amongst many other things).  I went with a few coworkers and tried out the sho-yu ramen and gyoza.  They were pretty tasty!  Much better than the Japanese ramen store in J-Town (don't think I'll be going back to Niwa-Tei anymore) and probably costs a bit less.  The sho-yu ramen was $6.95, but I thought the size was a little small.  The gyozas were $8.95, but they were pretty big and the skin was nice and seared so that it's crunchy to the bite.  My coworkers had the spicy ramens and according to them it was quite spicy and the portion sizes are much bigger than the sho-yu ramen.

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Monday, 3 October 2011

MOH Hairdo

This past Saturday my good friend from university tied the knot and I was her maid of honour.  Although, the weather was a little cold, the ceremony and banquet went by very smoothly.  I really liked my hairdo and the makeup, so I thought I'd blog about it.  And yes, braids are very in right now.