Friday, 7 February 2014

Really good duck in Newmarket!

Our friends Yvonne and Henry brought us some smoked duck breast that they bought at a farmers market a few weeks ago.  The duck was already prepared and vacuum sealed.  All we had to do was pan sear the skin side of the duck breast and then serve.  We were surprised at how good the meat tasted and even more surprised to find out that King Cole raises and prepares their ducks locally in Newmarket!  We enjoyed ours with a side of orzo pasta and broccoli.  We will definitely be going there when we have a craving for some duck breast.

Glimpses of Baltimore

Since I had been in Baltimore for over 6 months, I wanted to put together a photo collage of all the places I've been to, food that I've eaten and shopping that I've done.  Baltimore is a nice city especially around the harbour where my team stayed.

Lots of Japanese options popping up in Toronto

I've had a lot of Japanese food over the past month.  There are a couple of new options that I've only got around to trying this year and we made a visit back to an uptown joint that we haven't been to in a while.

Touhenboku Ramen specializes in white pai tan (chicken broth) based ramen.  I enjoyed their ramen noodles made in-house.  We opted for the miso soup base (daily special), but I found the soup to be a little too oily and not entirely flavourful.  Maybe I still prefer tonkotsu soup base better.  If you follow them on twitter, you can get a free topping to your ramen.  We also tried their dessert mille crepes, but I found it to be flatter than pictured.  I think I would only return if I happened to be in the area.