Saturday, 8 October 2011

Friday Lunch at Kenzo

Believe it or not, Friday was actually my first time eating at Kenzo Japanese Noodle House.  I know that this place is actually Korean owned so I've always been skeptical about its authenticity (yes, I am a ramen snob amongst many other things).  I went with a few coworkers and tried out the sho-yu ramen and gyoza.  They were pretty tasty!  Much better than the Japanese ramen store in J-Town (don't think I'll be going back to Niwa-Tei anymore) and probably costs a bit less.  The sho-yu ramen was $6.95, but I thought the size was a little small.  The gyozas were $8.95, but they were pretty big and the skin was nice and seared so that it's crunchy to the bite.  My coworkers had the spicy ramens and according to them it was quite spicy and the portion sizes are much bigger than the sho-yu ramen.

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