Monday, 8 August 2011

Ju Izakaya in J-Town

We were looking for a light dinner and decided to give Ju Izakaya's tapas-style dishes a try since we were in the Woodbine & Steeles area.  They use Japanese Bincho-tan charcoal to grill their yakitori.  We tried the tsukune (chicken meat balls) and ton toro (pork cheeks).  I enjoyed the texture and flavour of the pork cheeks.  The chicken meat balls were a little on the dry side if not for the terriyaki sauce.

 We also tried the ikura and salmon sashimi on rice.  I find it really strange that they put it on top of hot rice instead of sushi rice...
 The gindara (grilled black cod) was very tasty but it was a tiny piece for $12!

Izakaya Ju on Urbanspoon

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