Saturday, 13 April 2013

Girls in NYC 2013

My wonderful maid of honour and bridesmaids helped me plan my bachelorette trip and there's no better destination, nowhere more fitting than a trip to NYC.  I'm so glad that all three of them flew down and we spent all weekend doing some of the things that I love best: eat, drink and shop!

First it was a trip to Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets, in the snow!  I don't think I've ever seen Woodbury this dead, but the snow is not an obstacle for hard-core shoppers like me and my girls.
I think on this trip, every girl spent more than they had anticipated due to my influence - I apologize to the husbands.

The next day continued with pastries and macarons at La Maison du Macaron - the breakfast of champions.  The pastries were so good!

We continued the rest of the day shopping in Soho and having a very late lunch.  Dinner was at an awesome restaurant called Aldea.  We enjoyed their tasting menu and it was definitely an American size tasting menu.  We got full sized appetizers and entrees that had us feeling super satisfied.  They even gave me my own customized dessert.

Let's not mention the festivities that took place that evening.  

On our final day, we made it over to the Shake Shack at Madison Square Park for some tasty burgers, before ending the trip with more shopping on 5th Ave.

And, here are the fruits of labour of an all-girls' trip to NYC:

La Maison du Macaron on Urbanspoon Aldea on Urbanspoon Shake Shack on Urbanspoon

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