Thursday, 13 March 2014

BDay Dinners 2014 at Biff's Bistro and Bar Isabel

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday with some friends at Biff's Bistro and Bar Isabel.

We went to Biff's Bistro for Winterlicious and Biff's always has a good Winterlicious menu.  Between the four of us, we tried the pork terrine in a spring roll, kale salad, steak frites, buckwheat crepes, almond panna cotta and chocolate cake.  I find that you always get consistent food at a reasonable price at Biff's, so I don't mind going there every once in a while.

Bar Isabel was named Canada's Best New Restaurant of 2013 by Air Canada's enRoute magazine.  Henrick had dined there already and he suggested that we try it for my birthday.  The atmosphere of the restaurant is dark and you may not expect very good food upon first impression, but of course the best new restaurant in Canada lives up to its title.  We ordered a whole bunch of stuff: the charcuterie board, cheese board, foie gras toast, patatas bravas, chorizo skewers, charred leaks, half a grilled octopus, whole sea bream ceviche, and two desserts.  Everything was delicious!  I would definitely recommend going there with a few friends and sharing a bunch of dishes.

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