Monday, 28 November 2011

What happened to Salad King?

A few nights ago, we decided to grab a quick bite at Salad King after work because we figured it was convenient and not too expensive.  I hadn't been to Salad King in a few years and I'd never been to their new location on Yonge St.  Their food turned out to be quite horrible.  I don't remember it tasting that bad before...
Their Phud Thai lacked in colour and their Thai fried rice lacked in taste.  The Tom Yum was pretty watery and didn't have any ingredients in it except for a few slices of button mushrooms.  I looked over at what my neighbors were eating, and their steamed rice looked like it was made with the lowest grade of rice you can find in Canada, probably worst quality than food court rice.  Yes, I realize Salad King is pretty much like food court food, but with the prices they charge, I would've expected a little bit more expedient service.  Took us quite a while to get our food.

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