Friday, 11 November 2011

Pricey Dim Sum in Hong Kong

When we were in Hong Kong, we visited a couple of high-end dim sum restaurants and both of them have the character dragon in their names.

The first one is Dragon Seal (龍璽) located on Sky101 - the 101th floor of the ICC.  This is a fairly new restaurant by chef Wong Wing Chee, whom you may know as 幟哥 from the TVB food show 為食總司令.  I'm surprised that I couldn't find a website for this restaurant. 
We ordered four pris fixe lunch sets as well as a couple of extra dim sums to be shared amongst the five of us.  I thought the food was pretty tasty and each dim sum was very delicately made.  The fish was very juicy and tender.  And of course, you are paying for the view as well.  However, I was not impressed with the service at all.  One of the managers knocked over one of our tea cups and he didn't even change the saucer which was now filled with tea.  I thought the lunch service was very rushed and I felt pressured to have to eat each dish very quickly.  The meal worked out to be around $2300 HKD or $303 CAD.

The second fancy dim sum restaurant we went to was Lung King Heen inside the Four Seasons Hotel in the IFC.  This is the only restaurant in Hong Kong to receive three Michelin stars and it has a great harbour view as well.  We ordered two pris fixe lunch sets to be shared amongst the four of us along with a few other dim sums and dishes.  I enjoyed the food here, but I didn't think it was better than the food at Dragon Seal, but the service is definitely 100x better.  I think Dragon Seal needs to spend some of the money from their high priced meals on training their wait staff.  Maybe they can get some tips from Lung King Heen.  Our meal worked out to be around $2000 HKD for the four of us.
After having tasted the dim sum from these pricey restaurants, I think I still prefer Lei Garden the most because you get the bang for the buck and you are probably looking at spending only 1/4 of what you would've spent at these two restaurants.

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