Sunday, 17 April 2011

Seeing the world through a new set of eyes

It has been two weeks since I underwent Lasik surgery on April 1 at the Yorkville Laser Eye Centre.  My surgery was performed by Dr. John Lloyd and I'm very happy that I re-booked my surgery so that I could have him as my surgeon.  I have been seeing 20/20 after my first week.  I had originally scheduled my surgery back in February, but Dr. Lloyd was not available at that time, so the clinic staff had booked me in with Dr. Keon Nia.  I went online to check out some of the reviews on him and there were a lot of negative reviews, so I re-booked my surgery date just so that I could have the surgeon that I originally wanted.

The procedure itself did not last long, maybe around 20min.  There were two lasers that were used: one to cut the corneal flap and one to perform the actual correction.  The part when the corneal flap was cut wasn't scary at all.  It took maybe one second for the laser to actually work on your eye, but they had to hold your eye in place with a suction cup which felt kind of weird because it felt like something was pushing your eye down.  The part where they use the laser to correct your vision was a little nerve wracking.  You see a bunch of lights but you are not able to see clearly, then they tell you to hold still while they count down to shooting the laser at you.  It took 26sec on my right eye and 29sec on my left eye.  Meanwhile, you'll hear the laser zapping away and smell the stench of burnt hair.  I really need the nerve balls they gave me to hold onto during those 55sec of my life, but it all worked out in the end!

My recovery was fairly fast and painless.  I was out and about on a sunny day the day following the surgery with my Prada sunglasses, not the ugly ones they gave me.  I even went to my gym classes two days after while wearing my sunglasses.  The $1500 voucher that I purchased on TeamBuy for $99 was definitely worth every penny.

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