Friday, 25 July 2014

Pigging out in Vancouver - Part 2

After spending five months in Vancouver, I had a lot of time to try out a ton of awesome restaurants.  Here are the noteworthy:

Homer Street Cafe and Bar
I went to this relatively new restaurant a couple of times because it was located in Yaletown, walking distance from the hotel I stayed at.  They specialize in rotisserie chicken and other rotisserie meats.  I also ordered fish dishes from here when I wanted a healthier options and the meals were always enjoyable.

Dinesty Dumpling House
This was a restaurant that I wish I could've gone to more often.  Usually Chinese dishes are meant for sharing, so it would've been nice to have had more people to go to this restaurant with.  This is a much better version of Asian Legend, and their dishes are very good.

The Sardine Can
Like the name suggests, this is a tiny restaurant in Gastown serving Spanish tapas.  This place is really tiny, but their tapas are nice and pretty affordable.  They have a bare minimum kitchen (I wouldn't really call it a kitchen actually), so the dishes aren't too complicated.

This is where you can get a nice bowl of donburi topped with fresh sashimi.  Might be the only restaurant that serves this in Canada.  This place is in Richmond, so I didn't get to go that often.  I would've loved to go more often if I had a car.

If you are a meat lover, you will like this place.  It's not all-you-can-eat, but the quality of the meats are much better.  This is a chain restaurant but too bad they don't have any locations in Toronto.

Sushi Hachi
A very good sushi restaurant in Richmond that serves authentic sushi - not rolls and the blow-torched kind.  Again, I wish I had time to go to this restaurant more often.

Marutama Ramen
I have never really liked eating ramen in chicken-based broth, but I think Marutama gets it right!  Their chicken broth is nice and rich like tonkotsu broth.  I have gone back here countless times, when I was feeling like a bowl of ramen.  They have this unusual kind of seaweed that is only available at this ramen place.

Ask for Luigi
This Italian restaurant is not located in the best of neighbourhoods (Main & East Hastings), so definitely take a taxi when you go.  I ate the entire thing of their sardines and eggs appetizer and their pastas are amazing.

Siena is another great Italian restaurant with affordable items on their menu.  They have great daily specials and fresh ingredients.

The Oakwood Canadian Bistro
This is a great place for weekend brunch in Kitsilano.  We tried their omelette with asparagus and their blueberry french toast.  The portions are very generous as well.

Basho Cafe
Basho Cafe is a dear little Japanese cafe located on East Hastings.  They have very restrictive hours for anyone who has to work during the week, but we were finally able to visit it one weekend and their baked goods are very good.

Farmer's Apprentice
The Farmer's Apprentice is no apprentice!  I think this is the greatest find of my entire stay in Vancouver.  This is a very cozy little restaurant with a menu that changes daily and the food is amazing.  It is best to go with a small group as they have limited seating.

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