Sunday, 4 November 2012

BDay Celebration at Cafe Boulud

We celebrated our friend Henrick's birthday at Cafe Boulud inside the Four Seasons Hotel today.  Considering this is Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud's first restaurant in Canada, we had high hopes, perhaps a little too high.  Our server was great, knowledgeable and attentive, and we were off to a great start with great appetizers.  I ordered the crispy duck egg with wild mushrooms.  The duck egg was crispy on the outside and runny on the inside.
Our meal broke down a bit during the main course.  Our friend had ordered the veal but then she was brought the lamb.  The waiter let us keep the lamb while she waited for her veal dish.  The veal dish came within 5min, but it turned out to be a little under-cooked, so she had to send it back.  By the time they brought back the veal loin, it was a bit over-cooked.  The waiter and manager were very apologetic by this time.  Meanwhile, I dug into my halibut and it's not as moist as I would've liked and it wasn't seared to the crispiness that I would've liked.  2hung got the beef duo of strip loin and short rib.  The short rib was a little dry.  We were kind of disappointed with how the main courses turned out and the manager made sure that we didn't get charged for the lamb and veal.

Dessert turned out to be much better. We ordered the caramelized gala apple and chocolate mousse cake.  The waiter also made sure that we weren't charged for the dessert either.  It was a shame because we really liked the appetizers and the service was great at this restaurant, but the main courses were just ok.

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