Saturday, 9 June 2012

Kinton Ramen didn't measure up to my ramen standards

I've been hearing about this new ramen place called Kinton Ramen which has recently opened by the owners of Guu.   I also heard about the 40min line up, so today we went there around 5pm to avoid the wait, hoping for a yummy bowl of ramen.
I ordered the Kinton Pork Ramen which came with extra pieces of pork.  You have a choice of the regular soup base or light soup base.  I chose the regular soup base and pork belly and I got three pieces of thick, fatty pork belly.  Typically, you would expect to get some chashu with your ramen, but this was no chashu.  Personally, I like pork belly, but this pork belly was fatty but not very tender...not my favourite.  Their ramen noodles were the cheap quality, translucent kind that you would expect to get at a Japanese restaurant that doesn't specialize in ramen.  The soup base was ok.  I didn't think it was too salty as some people have been commenting.  Overall, I was not impressed with this $12.8 bowl of ramen and I expected more from Guu.
2hung ordered the Spicy Garlic Ramen which only came with one piece of pork belly, so I gave him some of mine which I wasn't very fond of anyway, hehe, sorry.
 The gyozas were mediocre.
If I had to summarize my review of Kinton Ramen in one sentence, I would use the Japanese phrase "juunen hayain da yo!" (You are 10 years too early!).

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